The following average annual tuition fees are estimated by StudyinAustralia.gov.au:

Bachelor’s degrees: A$15,000 to $33,000 (~US$11,420-20,610)

Master’s degrees: $20,000 to $37,000 (~US$12,500-23,115)

PhDs: $14,000 to $37,000 (~US$8,740-23,115)

These estimates do not include high-value courses such as medicine, and tuition fees will vary from university to university and subject to subject. If cost is going to be an issue, then make sure you do some research, and consider applying for a scholarship. A searchable database of scholarships to study in Australia can be found here.

Living costs and accommodation

When applying for your student visa you will need to prove you have at least AUD$20,290 (~US$15,100) per year to cover your living costs. If you’d like to live on campus in university accommodation, this will typically cost AUD$90 to AUD $280 per week (~US$70-210). You might also like to rent privately, with a shared rental costing around AUD $165 to AUD$440 per week (~US$125-335.) You could also choose a homestay, in which you’ll live with an Australian family at their home, with bills and meals usually included in your rent, usually AUD$235 to AUD $325 per week (~US$180-250).

Homestays might be particularly beneficial to students who’d like to improve their English language skills.