The Major Benefits Enjoyed by those who study in France include Relatively low Tuition fees at public universities. For the majority of courses at most public universities in France, you’ll have to pay only EU€189 (around US$210) a year for a bachelor’s degree (there are exceptions – engineering courses tend to cost more for example). It should be noted that universities in France tend to levy additional administrative charges, which are known to bring the price up considerably. That said, the final figure is still likely to be far lower than you would pay in a comparable destination.

You will pay more to study in France’s highly selective grandes écoles and grands établissements (great schools and establishments), which set their own fees. Some of these operate only at postgraduate level, and some – like Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris – require students to either complete two years of preparatory school (which is nearly as selective as the grande école itself) or to transfer across after two or more years of an undergraduate course. Top management schools can charge up to €30,000 a year (~US $33,500).

Utility expenses will likewise rely upon the measure of your property, and also the atmosphere. For most couples living in a regular town house outside of the coldest elevated areas, gas and power costs are probably going to be in the locale of $50 every month in spring and summer, and around $100 month to month in winter. As for telephone, web and digital TV, you can normally get a “bundle bargain” that drives the cost even lower—some of the time as low as €60 ($68) multi month (or less) for every one of the three… including calls to the U.S. what’s more, UK.