France is the most popular non-English speaking destination for international students in the world, and the fourth most popular overall (behind the USA, UK and Australia). A thousand-year academic history of excellence, an on-going national commitment to higher education and an unparalleled linguistic and cultural tradition are some of the reasons international students study in France and for its enduring popularity as a study destination.

International students consider France a good place for an international study experience. This is supported by the results of the StudyPortals International Student Satisfaction Awards 2014. Almost 7,000 students commented on their experiencing of studying abroad on the world’s largest database of international student experiences. A total of 329 reviewers gave 787 comments about what it was like to study in France. Overall, France received an average rating of 8.3 out of 10, which is significantly higher than its score in 2013.

10 Good Reasons

  • Attractive tuition rates in France
  • Quality higher education adapted to students’ needs
  • Outstanding research and development opportunities
  • France is a world-class economic power
  • France is home to leading international corporations: Airbus, Total, Orange, LVMH, L’Oréal, Danone…
  • Young talent is valued in innovation and entrepreneurship sectors
  • French lifestyle: Paris is the #1 student city! (QS Best Student Cities, 2014)
  • French is the third most common business language
  • France is an appealing destination for students worldwide
  • 9 out of 10 international students recommend France as a study destination

Some of the universities in France may also offer their students the chance to complete some of their courses at home via their own computer. This is again something that you should check with the university concerned, as not all of them will offer this option. Additionally, it may not be offered for all courses or for all subjects.

You will learn French Easily

Not that learning French is such a bad thing. Considered a fairly easy language to pick up because of its lexical similarity to English, a significant portion of French vocabulary can be understood by the English speaker; in fact, linguists believe that up to a third of modern English has been influenced by French. While advanced students may occasionally struggle with trickier topics, students of conversational French are likely to experience success.

A Natural Beauty

Paris is often described as the most beautiful city on Earth (it’s true, it is!). The French know how to make anything and everything beautiful. French culture has always been about craftsmanship and making things pleasant aesthetically. No matter where you are in France, you will find lots of gardens, parks, and forests in addition to beautiful architecture.

The Heart of Western Europe

Geographically and culturally, France is the center of Western Europe. In a matter of a few hours, you can visit a number of European and African countries. This makes weekend trips a realistic opportunity if you budget properly for traveling. When you travel outside of France, you’ll discover that this country has a strong cultural influence – France has always made major contributions to history, the arts, the sciences, and politics of Europe.

Ensure a Quality Education.

The country holds a position of prominence in mathematics and sciences which include physics, genetics, medicine, biology and astrophysics. This scientific community has received 26 Nobel prizes in the last century. Additionally, France’s technological achievements such as the Airbus, Concorde; the smart card, and the fully automatic rapid transit system, Val – make France an attractive destination for young scientists.

Religion and History

The secularization of France is considered by most of the French population to be a strongly held and cornerstone value. The French were among the first to separate education and religion and value strongly the non-interference of religion with state and, among religious people, of state with religion.

France is also a broadly secular nation, with just a slim majority self-reporting as Catholic; on the other hand some 92 percent of French reported rarely or never experiencing the feeling of having contact with a supernatural power. Trends in France reflect a broader tend toward secularization, which can be seen throughout Europe.