The French Education System long Enjoyed a Reputation for having one of the best Education Systems in the world, with a Nationally set Curriculum, Traditional Methods of learning, high Academic Standards and strict Discipline. However, in recent years some bemoan a perceived slip in French Education, and According to the latest OECD/PISA world rankings (2012), France Dropped three places for Educational standards for 15 year olds. It is now placed 25 out of 65 Countries, with 43 percent of Students having Difficulty in Mathematics and with a Widening Equality gap within the school Population.

France also has over 3,500 Institutions of higher Education, Including the following:

  • 77 Publicly-funded Universities, offering LMD degrees in all Disciplines and serving as the primary academic research centers
  • A parallel system of Grandes Ecoles set up to offer scientific, business, art and other specific programs, which offer 5-year diplomas equivalent to a Master degree
  • Schools of architecture
  • Over 3,000 specialized schools offering degrees in a wide variety of subjects, including hotel management, culinary arts, tourism and social work.

The French framework has experienced a change, the Bologna procedure, which goes for making European norms for college considers, most outstandingly a comparative time period all over the place, with three years gave to the four year college education (“permit” in French), two for the Master’s, and three for the doctorate. French colleges have likewise embraced the ECTS credit framework (for instance, a permit is worth 180 credits). Anyway the conventional educational programs in view of end of semester examinations still stays set up in many colleges. This twofold standard has added many-sided quality to a framework which likewise remains very inflexible. It is hard to change a noteworthy amid undergrad contemplates without losing a semester or even an entire year. Understudies normally likewise have few course choice choices once they enlist in a specific confirmation.