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    Embark on a World-Class Education: Discover the Excellence of Studying in Australia with Kadmuss Overseas.

    Australia: Your Academic Oasis

    Australia, a diverse Southern Hemisphere nation, boasts stunning landscapes, vibrant cities like Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne, and a multicultural population. Its robust economy thrives on industries like mining and technology. Renowned for top-tier universities, Australia is a global education hub. The country’s unique wildlife, iconic landmarks, and outdoor lifestyle contribute to its appeal. With varied climates and a rich sports culture, Australia offers a modern yet naturally beautiful experience.

    • Why Australia?
    • Why Kadmuss?
    • Requirement
    1. World-Class Education
    2. Scholarships: Elevating Your Ambitions
    3. Multicultural Environment
    4. Top-Ranked Universities
    5. Innovative Programs
    6. Lifestyle Balance
    7. Quality Living
    1. Expert Guidance
    2. Holistic Approach
    3. Personalized Support
    4. Comprehensive Services
    5. Success Stories
    1. Acceptance into a Recognized Institution
    2. Relevant Undergraduate Degree or Equivalent
    3. English Language Proficiency like IELTS-6.5/6.0 or PTE- 60/54
    4. Academic References
    5. Financial Capacity
    6. Valid Passport
    7. Visa Application

    Outcomes that you will receive!

    At Kadmuss, success isn’t just a destination; it’s a journey we embark on together. Our proven track record speaks volumes, with countless students achieving academic excellence, securing scholarships, and realizing their dreams in Australia.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Study in Australia for Indian students is streamlined as the Australian Government recognizes Indian Universities, meaning credit transfers are possible. However, for this, the students are required to submit their course syllabus to the institution and it can take minimum of 6 months for the credits to be granted.

    Australian Universities are recognized worldwide. The reason why Australian Universities do not insist upon students going for a GMAT or GRE etc. is because these exams are for American Universities so students giving these tests are judged by American Standards. Australia and India recognize each other's degrees. However, it may be asked by some Universities to assess the overall ability of the student.

    The average time taken by the Australian High Commission for the visa procedure is anywhere between 4 to 12 weeks depending on the individual's background, so as study in Australia consultants, we recommend students to apply for their visas at least 3 months prior to their course commencement.

    One cannot rate universities in Australia as there are numerous universities and all are regulated under the Vice Chancellors Committee, which follow the code of ethics. Students generally follow the market trends and study MBA in Australia or BBA, MIT etc., but it would be unfair to judge universities as one can only compare the course structure and faculty.

    With effect from 24th March, 2012 all students who have completed 2 years of study in Australia can get a Skilled Graduate Visa, whereby they can work for up to 24 months.

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